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What more can I do to blow his mind?? *smiles*


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what up, yall


Me and my SO have amazing and passionate lovemaking. He tells me I'm a very good lover and I think the same of him, but I want to introduce something new into the bedroom that will keep the flame going.


I love to please him and I guess I'm asking the men what new and interesting things would you like to have brought into bedroom?


Nothing too kinky though...lol


thank you

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Firstly, have you tried asking him?

Secondly, difficult to answer without knowing what you do together currently


I can't speak for all men but it's a very common male fantasy to be dominated. (Just think about the attention billboards adorned with dominatrix styled women attract!).This doesn't necessarily mean dressing up in leather and wielding a whip (although that can be a lot of fun) it could be simply tying him up and teasing him - taking him to the point of orgasm and stopping repeatedly with him not knowing when you would let him cum... You might feel like taking advantage whilst he is helpless and have him serve you orally... He might like it if you blindfold him or tweak his nipples or spank his bottom. It's all about experimenting...


I also find sexy lingerie and erotic talk to be a huge turn on but each to his own.


There are some good books I can recommend:


Female Domination by Elise Sutton and The Mistress Manual by Mistress Lorelei


Both are extremely well written and lift the lid on what is too often described as kinky or perverse but is in fact (IMHO) merely an additional erotic sexual power exchange between consenting adults.


You could also watch some porn together and talk about what you liked etc. Or you could each make a small scrapbook of pictures, text etc. that you can find on the internet that turn you on and swap them one night, again to talk about how they excite each of you... Do you mastrurbate together? Does he like to watch? Do you dress up? There really are so many different avenues to explore.


Take it slowly and see what reaction you get as you experiment (be observant)! And don't forget to talk to each other about what you both like/dislike. Trust and communication are absolutely key to unearthing our deepest darkest sexual desires. Remember also, you don't have to like everything that your partner gets off on and vice versa so don't judge - discuss.


Hope that wasn't "too kinky" for you. Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

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Yep, it's hard to suggest where you should go, without knowing where you've been. Personally, I've never been into being dominated. But I do enjoy being seduced - especially if he usually initiates. Lingerie, yes. Seduce him with a lap dance, yes yes. Porn, you bet. Better yet, ask him about his fantasies.

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