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It's been a year and I still think about her

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I dated this girl for a few months about a year ago. We had so much fun together - dinner, movies, visiting each others places/friends, walking in the park together, sled riding/ice skating, etc...


I completely ruined the whole thing. I was unconfident, I acted like an idiot, and ruined it all in one date. All of our dates were good and literally one date is all it took for me to ruin it. I totally regret what I did. The sad thing is it's been a year - she's moved on, and there's zero chance of us ever getting back together.


Exactly what should I do? I think I...liked this girl a lot. I can't say love cause I've never been in love. She was the first girl in my life though that I really ever was serious about and I had fun with. I haven't dated another girl since. So I've been single for a year.


Does anyone have any advice on how to get over this? I mean technically we only dated a few months, it's not like it was a real relationship.

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hey this girl couldnt have been worth it if it ended just because 1 date went balls up i mean if she really likes you she could of put it to one side i would have done. Dont worry about it life is too short to spend your time worrying over things that could have been at the end of the day she has moved on i know its tough but YOU need to do the SAME thing move on try dating other girls get to know them if their not for you try the next interested/ interesting girl you meet.

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I agree with the above. If she were a good prospect she would not have ended it after one date.


I think it's common to romanticize a really short relationship because of "what could have been." In reality, she's someone that would bail quickly, and it's not likely that it would have worked out anyway.


I think that you should also consider that what you're having trouble letting go of may not be her. I think this might be more about your ego. It surely hurt that she dumped you after that one date, and you've never stopped beating yourself up over it. I think that you are actually craving her validation, not her.

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