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Wanting to leave my job but scared....

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I've been working at a company as a designer since the Fall of 2008. Although I liked it at first I don't like it at all anymore and I'm not motivated to stay for several reasons.


- I've been there for almost 2 years and I have never had a raise and they don't give out raises easily (I know people who have worked there longer and still haven't received a raise)

- they don't really have reviews, it's sort of random, were supposed to have them every 6 months and my first one was last January, my manager congratulated me on doing a great job, and told me I would "hopefully get a raise sometime in the future"

-the pay isn't that great

- I have to commute to work, which takes a pretty big sum of money out of my paycheck

-the commute is so long that I have to wake up early to go to work and I get home really late, I have no life.... I want something closer to my home

- I have to deal with sales people who get away with alot of crap and there is no one I can complain to, it's just the way it is and I have to deal with it

- Due to the fact that there is no one else who does my job, I can't take a real vaction... I can take maybe one or 2 days off a week, but I can't leave for like a whole week straight

- the thought of getting a promotion does not excite me at all, I can't imagine what else they can promote me too, and honestly I'm not even interested

- I feel like it's become too boring and predictable

- there are some people that I don't really like there and I don't like the company, I feel like they have no moral standards



And here are the reasons why I'm scared to leave

- This is my first job out of college, I've never quit a job before and honestly the thought of having to resign and tell my manager scares me alot... I hate confrontations

- I'm scared of the consequences, like what if a 2 weeks notice isn't enough? What if I leave in bad terms?

- Even though I never signed a contract, I'm scared of being sued for a breach of contract, I've heard about people getting sued even though they don't have a contract and what makes it worst is that they have no one to replace me with and technically they would have a very hard time looking for someone to replace me


And by the way, if I do resign, it's only if I get another job offer.

What do you guys think? Have you ever been in a situation like this before? Any advice? Thanks!

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You're doing the right thing by slugging it out until you find something which maybe better.


All you can really do is tolerate.


Who knows....if you do find a job and say you are going to resign they may actually pay attention.

They may make arrangements which cater more to suit you and make you happy enough to stay there.


In my similar situation I was teaching students at primary and secondary schools so there was a lot of commuting.


I was never given a heads up on where and what the plan is as there was no real plan.

If I had to be at a new school to teach I had to and there was no notice so I was not prepared.

At one stage I had a previous arrangement at a certain time prior so he threatened to fire me if I was not able to be there and had to cancel my arrangement.

That was the last straw basically.


Fortunately I was already asked to teach at a localized music school for various ages during the time that I was planning on leaving.


When i left I basically said I could not turn up and then decided to turn up one day when he said he had enough and doesn't want me around anymore

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I remember leaving my first job and I have to say it was a real struggle. I went from management position, having everything at my resources, then leave that job to start from the bottom... in the same industry.


Some people criticized me, friends telling me that I went nuts. But it was a way to develop my personal growth, and made it as my career growth. Fast-forward 6 years after, i'm back to where I was before but in better position. I am more confident now and have the best job. I can work 7 days straight, pulling 10+ hours a day and feel motivated every single time. Not many can admit that, but it was because of the experience that helped me find my passion.


Working in a place that you don't enjoy affects your life in every aspect. Affects your personal/relationships, lifestyle, diet/eating habit, emotional, all sort of stuff. You owe it to yourself, you went to college, graduated, and deserve better. It will be a struggle if you end up being in a different spot that you imagine, but hang on and never give up -it's the key to finding that right job for you.


Hope that helps.

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