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On a project in another country, lost motivation, feel horrible


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Well in my summer break from uni I arranged a project in another country that will be great for my career later on.


First of all i have a girlfriend back home and I'm missing her, second I'm staying in a completely empty dorm, thirdly my hours are proving to be 8-5 every day and the work I'm doing is laborious and involves being alone almost all day.


For the first few days of this 5 week trip I was trying to keep just about sane, thanks largely to being able to vent to my gf. The country I'm in is great and the people I'm working with literally couldn't be nicer, so that's all not a problem. But I've been really down generally with only sparks of feeling ok, and the prospect of 5 weeks of this is mortifying.


But this morning I awoke not feeling great, got out my laptop and found it had broken, and actually managed to crack Its glass track pad by tying to get it to work. That's about 1000 bucks of my money flushed down the drain and I'm a student. My laptop was the only entertainment i had and also needed for work, now I have to buy a mouse to see if i can use it that way, if not I am absolutely screwed.


So yeah vie lost all the will to go on and it's day 5 or so. Like I said, the project is very good for my career, everybody involved are absolutely wonderful, kind, polite people and the city I'm in is brilliant, but everything else and missing my girlfriend is basically driving me into despair.


No idea what to do, completely torn.

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