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I miss what we had so much

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This is the worse time of the day. I just miss so much what I had with my ex. I have to admit, I miss making love with him so much. I just long for that again. It doesn't have to be him, at this point. I just miss that close sharing with someone. but I do miss the beautiful dance we had together. I hate going through this. I can't even seem to really get a decent date. It has been 15 months, and I am lonely. And I wonder if it could ever be as good as what we had.


I miss someone rubbing my shoulder and back, rubbing my feet, holding me all night, and waking up in their arms. Everynight I go through this terrible longing. I don't see how it can be healthy for me.


Since I moved back to Oregon 2 months ago, I haven't had any male attention in real life. I have listed on Craigslist to no avail. Either, they don't seem my type at all, and I don't write back. If I like them, and send my picture, they don't like me. I think I am too dark for this place, and people are so uptight in general.


I was in Montana this last year, trying to get over my breakup. They are so different there. They are very flirty, and everyone is always giving everyone compliments. The guys and the gals. They tell you how pretty you are, and how sexy, and what a cute outfit you have on. They call you sweety, and other sweet names. Even when I went to court, the old judge flirted with me. I did get dates too. I just never found anyone I really liked, plus I was just getting over my breakup. If I have to spend the winter here or in Montana,[i'd take Montana anyday.


Thanks for letting me vent. I feel a little better.

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I know how you feel. Everyone says it fades in time, but alas, it doesn't seem to, does it? Have you tried other dating sites? There's some free ones. link removed is fairly active for me lately.


**HUGS** You'll get someone eventually. Are you involved in any activities where you can meet a human being as opposed to a personal ad?

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I don't see how longing for someone goes away. It is a natural human desire. Maybe not wanting the ratfink who hurt you may go away, but the longing. Hmmmm........... And I still miss the ratfink. I just see him here, in a beautiful dance with me, and it kills me.


i hear ya. Oh, and maybe the craft fair isn't the most "single-friendly" place to be? I couldn't stand it if I had to watch all these amazing couples all lovey dovey! Wow--I'm still awfully bitter...


I've been longing all my life. Even thru a 10 year marriage. I've been told that there's something within ME that needs to be fulfilled. I've also been told that I'm better partnered up so I should hurry up and find someone (this from a so called "therapist-in-training" turned ex-friend). W T F is wrong with people? Sheesh!


I think you're desire is totally normal. And it's nearly impossible at those wee moments to simply put it out of your head. I know I can't. I just distract myself as best I can...

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Longing is an amazing and painful emotion, but just be happy you are feeling it. I'm only 28, and I'm still remembering the longing I had for the boyfriends when I was 16. Retrospect is amazing... it's all incredibly beautiful. It translates into better, more suitable relationships.

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