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Most will know my story on here...


2 months broken up, traumatic breakup, hes seeing somebody else now.Me well trying to pick up my life trying to date and getting nowhere.


have moved most of my stuff into my new place.I'm sharing with a guy but hes been through a divorce and hes about the same age.


Really difficult trying to rebuild my life, I thought today the ex threw away a person who knows her stuff a good homemaker, organised, smart, intelligent WHY????..... it was all so unnecessary all of it.


he won't find anybody as organised and on top of things as me.


The breakup made me look bad, but things had gotten so bad with the neighbours .he just didn't support me he just didn't obviously love me.


A waste of 3 years and ten months. Friday will be hard it woudl of been 4 years this 9th

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