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what should i do about my boyfriends family


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my boyfriend and i have been together for a year and a half. he comes to every family function holidays birthdays anything..spends alot of time at my house with my family. His family never invites me over or includes me in things. I was invited for his birthday, but that is it. What should i do... or should i even be bothered by this?

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Have you asked your boyfriend why you don't attend any event? Has he made an initiative to ask his family if you can attend? Maybe your guy needs to take initiative to having you there? Does he do that?


Really, there's nothing you can do per say, you would be going as your boyfriend's guest, so if he wants you there, he should ask if you can attend with him.


It's been a year and a half, I don't see why you can't attend. Do you spend casual time with his family, outside of holidays? Maybe they just don't know you well, or spend enough of the down time with them that they feel the need to invite you...can you initate dinner or lunch with his parents? Something along those lines to get to know them better?

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