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Question about sex and tickling.


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I have recently made a discovery about myself, thanks to my new boyfriend's kink.


I knew he had a foot fetish and when he asked me, I allowed him to tie me up. He tickled my feet for a very long time, which was torture (I have desperately ticklish feet). Wanting to be a good girlfriend, I did my best not to beg him to stop and I was amazed a little while later when I felt myself start to cum. He continued to tickle at my soles throughout my orgasm and that was a wonderful feeling.


I had no idea that this could happen and I asked him afterwards, while he was looking pretty pleased with himself, if he had seen that before. He looked directly at me and told me that just about every single time he had been permitted to do it, an orgasm had been the result.


He went on to explain that people rarely allow themselves to be tickled for long, and demonstrated by quickly tickling my foot, which i quickly moved away (QED). As my feet were tied up and I couldn't move them away, i was forced to receive the stimulation. Apparently, the area of the brain responsible for sensation in the feet it right next door to the area for the genitals and the knock-on effect will eventually cause an orgasm without being touched above the ankle.


After a while (as I plucked up the courage) I submitted myself again, and sure enough, the same thing happened. I think the feeling of helplessness contributes for me too though.


Is it true that most people would have the same thing happen if they could just get tickled long enough? Is this a common thing? I've never heard of it before. If it's right it puts a slightly different slant on things like medieval tickle torture and people being put in the stocks...

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Ive heard of light tickling being sensual but i dont think i could cum if i was being tortured in my most ticklish area. i did recently discover though that i get aroused when my bf gives me foot rubs (i used to be horribly ticklish on the bottom of my foot). I think the foot holds specific nerve endings that can make it an erogenous zone. Maybe thats what happened to you. It probably wouldnt work if he did it in another area like your sides or underarms.

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Thanks for reporting back. I found some pretty soft porn about it, but I guess it's hard to tell exactly what, if anything, is being faked! Maybe there's a box to tick about it on the application forms for 'actors'?!


Only women so far for me too.

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