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Progress is the name of the game people...

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No matter how slow or fast you make it,,, as long as your making progress in your life then your headed on the road to recovery. The lessons you've learned, realizing you can get through anything, Regaining your dignity and value, understanding who you are more....


This afternoon, one of my newer friends said they saw my ex with another guy,,, He said it didn't look like they were dating but like i told him she has many guy friends and that she was with this one guy.


I got that anxiety painful depressed feeling in my stomach then it went away. I rationalized in my head that she is free to do whatever she wants,, we dont owe eachother nothing and that A LOT has been happening in my life. I dont need her to make my life make sense. And i am living for me now and im just as free as she is if not more and i thanked God for where im at today and then VUALA instant freedom from the pain. PROGRESS!!!


I just want to encourage everyone to take it one day at a time and dont be so hard on yourself and learn to rationalize things for what they are,,, not what your emotions and heart may try to tell you. Our hearts and perceptions can deceive us. So remember to continue to progress!

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This is such a good post. I want to give you 5 goodies for this.


Use this time to change yourself into the person that you want. Also take the next step in life. That is what I am doing right now.


I am trying to go with the flow in life, instead of going against it. If my ex does not want to talk to me, then he will have that.

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