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Why Do I Keep Having Dreams About My Ex???

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I havent been with or spoken to my ex in almost a year. I am also currently in another relationship. I do not regret breaking up with my ex. We had a very toxic relationship. For the longest time he belittled me and put me down, made fun of me, constantly broke up with me, etc etc.


However, I keep having these dreams about him. For example, last night I dreamed that he was at the beach with me and a bunch of friends. We were trying to play the wii and he was just being rude and mean so I yelled at him. He told me he was done and was leaving. I didnt come after him so he never left. Then one of our mutual friends who has a temper was drunk in my dream and tried to scream at me because me and my ex were fighting. So I slapped him in his face for thinking it was ok to yell at me.


Other dreams are more peaceful. We will be in the same room together and it feels like we are a couple but we dont act like it in the dream.

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This is very common. If its happening really often it could mean that you feel like you have unfinished business with him. Either there's something you wish that you had said or done before the break up or you didnt get proper closure with him. The dreams will stop over time, especially when a new hunk begins to fill them.

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