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Psych degrees!

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so i am constantly career confused...and searching for my dream career. i got a psych degree becase i was fascinated in mental health and found it relateable. now i work in a field which exactly matches my experience and education. my actual work now is more in administration but my clients whom i deal mostly indirectly with are mental healht patients in the community or personal care homes. i dont think i really realized that this was the end result of my psych degree.


i want to go back to school or find another field, because as much as i am interested in mental health, it does not stimulate me enough to accept the poor pay. i find it depressing at times, and not at all social (not an enjoyable social manner anyway). it would be a risk for me at this point because i am already on my way to being established in this area, but it would be better now than later.


any thoughts on careers for me? my mom keeps telling me disability insurance..but that sounds kind of boring. any random thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated! thank you!!

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