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My co-worker is out to get me :(

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So in short, I have worked at a hospital for about 1.5 years now as an aide. I have always done my work, finished it on time or ahead of schedule, and have had very minimal complaints from patients (the vast majority of them thank me for being so kind).


However the person above me (kind of like a shift lead) does not like working with me. For whatever reason she criticizes everything I do. She makes up a new rule, I follow it to a T, and it is still not good enough for her.


I don't know what it is but I just can't stand it anymore. Now she has been going to such lengths as to basically set up a trap for me, and I basically fell for it because now my boss is calling me asking me to come in early so we could talk in regards to a certain patient I helped yesterday. The moment she said this I knew that I had been tricked...


Now I feel like in 2 hours I will find out if I lost my job...what am I supposed to do? Do I confront her on it or talk to my supervisor about what is going on? Ugh!!!

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Assuming you aren't losing your job (which I don't think is happening if this is the first time you've been called in for a talk), start writing down everything this person does to you. Write down dates and times. Keep it unemotional and stick to facts - how it made you feel doesn't belong here.


Keep this log where she can't ever run accross it. Keeping it at home and writing down incidents as soon as you get home is best.


Next time she attempts to sabotage you and she reports you, bring in this log with you when you talk to superiors. She sounds like a bully, and the only thing that's going to help your case when you talk to superiors is if you have this account with you. Otherwise you've got no evidence to back you up and it's her word against yours. It's still your word against hers but if you can show you've been keeping the record as things happen, and if you include enough factual detail, she's bound to get caught up in her lies eventually.


Good luck and stay strong. It's hard to do, but the best thing you can do around a bully is to not show that they are getting to you.

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I had to spend 12 months with a co-worker who criticized everything i do. But apparently, she was a b!tch to everybody else too.


IT's tough and often frustrating, sometimes you just want to scream them and often find yourself wishing ill will to that person - and i'm a good natured person at heart!


Do you know if others in your work area feel the same, like she mistreats others? Talk to your superior about it, beacuse i did. And she turned around and told me i wasn't the first to approach her, and that she was starting to see it once it had been brought to her attention.


Casually bring it up, and see if other coworkers or even your superior if it has been made aware to them. You never know. Just bring it up easy, don't act like your building a case against that person.


Good luck.

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