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tell me to stop bugging out


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i'm posting this because i'm bored at work and none of my girl friends that i would talk this over with are online.


so i've been talking to a girl from OKC for about a month now. it's going well; i can tell she's into me. i'm moving to her city in a month, but she was around me this weekend for a wedding and we went out for lunch.


it went great; we had fun and wound up kissing for a bit when i dropped her off. she had googly eyes - it was good. she said she'd get out of the wedding around 7 and would call me, then later texted me saying she had fun, was sorry for running off and wished that we could spend more time together.


later at 7, she texted saying there was an after party for the wedding and wouldn't be able to call and to have a good weekend. i replied saying no big deal.


i e-mailed her this morning. she usually responds late at night. i know everything is fine, i'm just nervous. i hate doing this to myself, but i always do. i analyze/reanalyze/double reanalyze everything.


somebody just tell me it's obvious she likes me and i can chill the f out.

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Sounds to me like she likes you. Im sure you can tell when someone's into you and the "googly eyes" are usually a dead giveaway. Plus, why would she kiss you? She sounds really busy right now so dont worry too much. But to ease your tension, if I were you, I'd go out on a lmb and ask her point blank how she feels next time you speak. Why go through so much anxiety when you can just ask her?!?!?

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yea she's definitely busy. yesterday she flew back home + father's day.


eh, i don't really want to ask her how she feels. i'd rather just be an idiot about the whole thing. i know she likes me. i just hate doing this to myself.


worried she won't get back to me, blah blah blah. god i'm lame.

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