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What should I text her?


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This isnt too serious, but I'd like some advice LOL


So, yesterday I went to watch the game with my friends at Hooters. I was just sitting at our table and this girl came up to me and said her friend thought I was cute (lol). They were just about to leave so she just gave me her number and her name. I saw her from far away and she was kind of cute, but dont know anything about her.

I wasnt expecting to meet anybody that day and was too into the game so I didnt bother (or forgot -_-) to give her my name/number lol. I actually think her friend that came to talk to me was hotter, but she has a boyfriend


Anyway, so now Im thinking about texting her, what should I say to her? What do I tell her if she ask who I was? lol I kinda messed up since I wasnt the one to approach her like the usual.


Also, I actually just got out of a relationship (which is kinda why Im on ENA) and Im still pretty bummed out about it, so Im really not looking for anything serious atm, but I just wanted to see how this goes.

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Just say "hey you".. then when she responds with who is this or what not.. poke at her a little for not knowing who this is.. for whatever reason you can think of. Just make sure you throw in a smiley or something so she knows you're just being playful and challenging.

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