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Just when your moving on,,, all of a sudden...

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Its true what they say,,, The ex always contacts just when you're at your happiest and when your MOVING ON! lol,,, its like they have this psychic connection and they know when you are moving on.


So its been 4months and a week since we broke and for the most part the only contact we had was a couple of emails and letters written back and forth for the first week and that was it... so 4 months of no contact,,, we were part of the same band seeing eachother for a month after the break up but i dont count as contact cause we really didnt talk.


She contacts me all but 15 minutes ago after 4 months to thank me for the condolences that i sent her because she lost one of her Close friend and to tell me there is NO bitterness on her part or awkwardness and grudges,,godbless(since we are christian),,,,


So i didn't respond right away,,,, then in like 5 minutes i just wrote,,, "Your welcome, i know you cared about him a lot and I know,, thanks, Godbless."


But it bugged me cause she has the nerve to say, she holds no grudges, bitterness, and awkwardness,,, she hurt ME, Broke my heart, Ruined my self esteem,, made me feel awkward,, i should be bitter, i should hold a grudge and im not cause ive let go but im still sensitive to it,,,,


then logged off of aim about 10 minutes later....


So i thank God for this site and its advice,, cause while i didnt expect it i was somewhat ready for it,,, and I felt i handled it pretty mature without being Cold hearted or needy,,, Any thoughts or opinions on how i handled it?


BE ready because when your healing they will contact you!

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it doesn't always play out this way. my ex never contacted me and it'll be two years this august. not a peep from him. nothing. I moved on and healed and still he remains recluse.


as for you, I think you should remain in NC and keep movig forward w your life. what do you want to happen b/w you and your ex?

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All i know is i wanna be happy,, with the ONE thats for me,,, and in due time it will happen,,, whether its with her or not,,, that remains to be seen,, but what i want NOW is to continue moving on and BE completely over her....


I should also mention,, that ive been bunjie jumping, gained 10 pounds of muscle,,, visiting friends and fam in florida.... Out playing in many churches and venues,, meeting tons of new people,,, and just fflaat out enjoying life after the EX and reclaiming who i am,, and Growing out of this experience. She deleted me off her facebook but have many mutual friends,, maybe she caught wind of my updates and sees that im not devistated and decided to contact me.

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