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Do you think the gym can release pent-up emotions...?

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Hi everyone...


The body and mind are always supposed to be connected, and I've found since I've been going to the gym, that I've been "feeling" much more, which is good really...


I've been feeling much more sad and fearful lately, though it's temporary and it goes away...before I never used to feel this much...


I'm wondering if the gym is helping me release these emotions, if it might be healing for the spirit as well as the body...


Has this happened to anybody else? I've been going every day...


Thanks Eclipse x

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It is normal, and yes..good for the body and the mind. Exercise and going to the gym releases certain chemicals in the brain. Usually it gives someone a natural high..but for you..apparently..something else which supposedly helps you, so that is good. This is possibly just because you're finally letting everything out in the gym instead of keeping it pent up.

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The gym is fantastic. I haven't heard of it eliciting sadness or fright though, however that is extremely interesting. It makes me think that because you are balancing your mind, and strengthening yourself that your mind is now able to approach feelings that have been repressed for long periods, which in a weaker condition would have not been expressed.


Keep doing what you are doing as long as you continue to grow from it. I usually use the gym when I am down to lift me up, because of the mood elevation that I get.


Well done!

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