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I just wanted to say that i have just come out of a loving relationship and is heartbroken,


yesterday i was so down i admit that i left the area in search of another "answer" without going into detail a good friend of mine caught sight of me and rallied round a group of other group of friends to find me.


I have to say that i was in a dreadful state and it ashames me to think this was only yesterday. I had horrible horrible thoughts about things i could do.


I started to self harm and saw no end, as a sufferer from recent depression due to the break up i thought it was so much better to sleep forever.


2 hours later i was found by a friend who comforted me and helped me literally put one leg in front of the other.


I woke up today, yes feeling sad but also the sun was shining and i had my best friend in bed next to me, making sure i was ok.


I hadnt realised that they were there for me so much and am happy to say that those initial thoughts have passed. i dread to think about what would have happened had they not found me. I was very close.


i just wanted to firstly say thank you to my friends but also to say that had i spoken to people in the first place about my problems that this wouldnt have happened, it is such a waste to see people sad.


NO i am not clear of my problems but today is another day i survived and each day i hope will get stronger and stronger with a little help. just took me time to admit it to those close to me.


best wishes everyone x

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Welcome to a new day katy!

I'm sorry to hear about your heartbreak. I like many here are in the same boat as you. I'm glad you are doing better today. It really is scary to nearly die, its really interesting how in one moment you want to die so bad and in the next you are thankful to be alive.


As cliche as it sounds live each day at a time, even if you feel good now don't overwhelm yourself thinking about next week or month, just live within each day only.


good luck!

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