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Really disappointed in my DH's superiors...

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My dh deployed a few weeks ago and this is his first, the guys he went with are all higher ranking and it was a small group of them they reassured me that he'd be fine and they'd take care of him. I had every faith that they'd be family while they were gone but yesterday I got a email and a phonecall from my DH that these guys were degrading him and humiliating him in class just to get laughs from everyone else....it saddens me they would do that. My dh isn't a wimp and stuck up for himself, so much so that he got a talking to about rank structure?! - from one of the guys teasing him.


Now I know joshing and teasing goes on but some of this has gone too far, they have been teasing my DH about his converting to Judaism (he is doing this as Im Jewish and it is totally his own decision).


I just feel so down and sad, my DH doesn't want to be out there, no-one does but this isn't making his time pass any easier..

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