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Boyfriend talks more about emotions when drunk?


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heyy its hard for my boyfriend to show his emotions( he has the personnality of being strong) and because of that, it's hard for me too because i dont want too seem possessive. We dont see each other a lot because he lives a bit far but everyone says to me that he always talks about me and I know he loves me and it shows when he's drunk like he would say a lot of things like i love you ,i want to be with you forever, youre all for me . Before, we broke up and he returned saying i really love you but didnt say it to me directly . When drunk, he's very romantic and always following me everywhere i go and holds me tight.


is it true that guys are more emotional when drunk?


Do guys really show what they feel when drunk?

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Really just depends on the guy.


My boyfriend is normally already very affectionate and open, ends every conversation with "I love you", will tell me he misses me if he does, talks about "our" kids/house/pets (like "I hope our kids will be blah blah blah"). When he drinks, he just gets more silly, loud and dances (which he normally never does in front of other people except me when sober lol). He doesn't get more emotional and thank goodness because I think it would be suffocating if he got even more affectionate than he normally is.

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mine is quite similar. he's more inclined to tell me how he feels about me when he's had some drinks. sometimes it's frustrating but i just chalk it up to the fact that he's normally very emotionally guarded and was raised not to express feelings because it wasn't considered to be masculine. (which i think is total garbage)

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Some of my best conversations with my husband have been after a few drinks. He's more open. He's not a very talkative person, so it's easier to get him to open up. I hardly drink and we usually drive upwards of 30 minutes for parties, so I really look forward to that drive home.

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We're sorry!


But yeah, feels easier to just say what you think when drunk- us guys are brought up differently to girls, and bringing up our feelings isn't always a good idea.

Anyway, if a guy acted like that all the time he'd just get accused of being too clingy.

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