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I need some help with this one... please!


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So, I can't tell if I have a chance here, and just need some help.


There's this girl I've loved since we were just kids (she was just that girl, you know?). And we've always been close (even when we went to separate high schools, we kept it up). And finally, 12 years later, I really want to make that first move I've messed up so many times before because of nerves.


I took her to my prom, and we had a decent time, just it was a little off because I wanted it to be perfect so I could make my move then, but I got too nervous and ended up screwing that up (what else is new?). But my "best friend" has now decided that I lost my chance with her (having just met her himself that one time), and started talking to her and making a move on her because 1) she's really cute 2) she doesn't know who he really is, he can basically be someone new just to get with her. And I really don't want that to happen.


So, I talked to him, he "promised" to back off, but he made sure to point out that she texted him that she could never see herself dating me because I'm "too much a friend". But she's also told me she's always loved me and basically I'm getting terribly mixed signals.


Sooo... what should I do? I want this one to work out because I know that something about her is just... perfect. Is there any chance for me? How can I overcome my terrible nerves and tell her I always will love her (like what should I do with that)? We're maybe going horseback riding together coming up, should I tell her then? I just really need some help because this past week has just done wonders on the confidence I'd been trying to build up for so long.

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Are you okay with your "best friend" trying to hook up with the girl you have loved since you were kids???


That aside, I can tell you from a female's perspective, she may be thinking


A. That your feelings for her are completely platonic. She may have no idea that you care so much for her. In fact, when your "friend" brought that up with her, it may have been a knee-jerk reaction on her part to say that she couldn't see herself with you, because she may not have even thought about it that way before.


B. When a girl is friends with a guy for so long and he's already seen so many sides of her, at her best and her worst, she may not be able to see you the way she would see a new love interest. You know how, when you first meet a new girl, you put your best face forward? She doesn't see you grumpy after a long day, or upset because you got a bad grade, etc. Same thing with girls and new guys - we put our best persona on. The act of doing so puts them in the "romantic" category in our heads. She hasn't had a chance to put you in that category yet. Maybe you should give her one?

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