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I got something, I need to share with someone. Let me start with this in mind, I have never really when online and added my two cent to any website. I'm really not one to talk about my emotions.

So anyway I'm a pretty normal guy for the most part I stay busy with work, paying bills, I like going to the bar with couple buddies now and again. We really never talk about our feeling just go and play pool and drunk. I'm not to close to my parent so I don't have alot of people to talk to...


So let get to the problem at hand been single for about a year now was hurt pretty bad.., both of us was to blame for that break up. The time before that I had my heart rip out it was not good and don't want to talk about it let just say it was bad.


So now I met this gril and let me tell you she a looker and funny and sweet. Well we meet at work and hit it off great. Now she has a boyfirend, if you ask me she not to in to him it's but the way i feel it's none of my business. So everything going great till I found I have feeling for her and really want to get to know her now she 27 and I'm 30 so age is close and that good. I want to tell her how I feel but I when the other way I close myself off, put up wall how ever you want to say it and well that didn't help. I started to not talk to her and got rude sometime I was just simple an ass to mess up anything that might happen so as to not get hurt and now I throw away something so beautiful it just make me sad. She don't no why I'm a ass now and it not her fault. I guess I just don't know what to do I feel really bad for being mean and not talking to her and when I did being a ass....... Ya I feel dumd too!!


Thanks for listening,




..........I feel sad because I know her feeling are hurt to, I just got scary I guess.

..........Don't get me worng I never call her names or anything like.

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Personally I would just tell her how you feel but it is a bit inappropriate since she's in a relationship with another man. The point being, you must respect her decision to be with him - saying you don't think she's happy no matter what she says - she's obviously not unhappy enough to leave him.


Either which way, if you want to pursue this, go ahead and tell her how you feel.

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