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Ugh...no guys talk to me except one!!! and I'm getting fed up with it!

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I am about at my wits end! lol I am trying to talk to more of my guy friends, but they don't even give me the time of day! I have ONE guy that talks to me and spends A LOT of time talking to me and he's the one that I like who has told me he doesn't like me back! So, I tried talking to this other guy friend just now and he spent maybe 5 min. talking to me and then was like, "I gotta go" so I am just like, "Okay, bye."


I like getting into meaningful, long conversations with people, guys or girls, but it's like the ONLY guy that even cares to do that is the one that I like that supposedly doesn't like me back. It only makes me like him more! 'Cause he really listens to me and acts like he cares.


My other guy friends also don't initiate the conversations. I have to make the attempt to talk to them. This one guy said "I'll IM you tomorrow if you're on." Well, we were both on and he never did.


How do I get over the only guy that talks to me that I just so happen to like when none of my other male friends are willing to spend an ounce of time on me?


The guy friend who does talk to me talks about really personal stuff, too...we have talked about sexual stuff. Nothing too in depth...yet.... and he doesn't like me.


It doesn't make one bit of sense! I just want a guy that is willing to spend some time on me.

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I think that as we grow older, guy-girl friendships become more rare. And if there are guy-girl friendships, usually one of them has an interest in the other.


It's interesting that the guy you like is having long convos with you but doesn't like you in that way..is he aware of your feelings for him?


Also do the guy friends of yours that dont talk to you for more than 5 mins have girlfriends? That might be an issue since maybe their girlfriends would get jealous or they feel awkward about it. The other answer might be that they dont consider you a close enough friend to really want to have long and meaningful convos


I can relate because I have guys I consider friends, but we dont hang out and only talk on msn once in a blue moon.


It is definitely possible for a guy and girl to be friends, but I honestly think that most are probably looking for a relationship rather than a friendship. That's just what I noticed though, so it doesn't make it a fact or anything.

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I have no idea what's going on in the mind of the guy I like...yes, he knows of my feelings. I flat out told him. Probably not the smartest idea...but it just happened and I can't go back and undo it now.


The guy friends that don't talk to me don't have girlfriends. Except maybe one...it's interesting you bring up that guys and girls don't usually wind up being friends the older you get. I have had this debate with certain ppl before and got shot down and told "guys and girls can be friends!!!" and I'm not saying they can't be, I am just saying it is rare that one or the other doesn't like the other one.


All I know is that I don't wanna be pining over a guy who doesn't like me if nothing is ever going to come of it, but at the same time, I can't get over him if he's going to be so damn friendly and wants to be in my life and I am so not strong enough to do anything to get him out of my life. Most especially because I DO like him.


Anyway...I feel like I am in a very awkward place in my life right now with men in general. lol I just want a boyfriend, dammit!!! Preferably one that doesn't make my skin crawl, because most of the ones I'm NOT interested in do exactly that.

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I wouldn't read into things...you may want to get some perspective of some of the male users on this forum...but I think its odd that he's being so talkative and friendly, especially when he knows how you feel. Maybe he likes you as a person and hopes you will see him as only a friend?


I'm not sure, because all the guys I've had crushes on who didn't feel the same way didn't exactly make an effort to have conversations with me or be super friendly...


I used to be in your place in college. Constantly wanting a boyfriend. The more you hope for it the less likely it will happen. At least that is my experience. If you want a BF though, perhaps join online dating? I've actually met male friends like that but you gotta be careful as 99.9% of the time they message you because they're interested in you romantically. Depends on the both of you if you can just be friends.

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That is why I am so confused.


As for online dating, I am on a couple sites. Nobody really interests me. I pretty much hate online dating. I have a few girlfriends I have met online, but generally, when it comes to my love life, I have this ideal thing in my mind where I want to meet someone in person. Like, while I'm living my actual life. Work, school, church, social events, etc. I can rarely look at someone's profile, look at their pics, read their profile and get "attached". It just doesn't work for me. I have to know someone in person to develop feelings for them. It's kind of like an adventure...I have more fun doing things in real life than I do online, so online dating really is just boring and doesn't appeal to me. I don't want someone I met online. I know this about myself. I am still on those sites...but I don't have any high hopes. Most of the guys I find ugly anyway...there is ONE guy on this one site that I saw and was like, "Omg, I HAVE to get to know him!" but I clicked off the page and when I went back, it was gone. lol Haven't been able to find him since.


I really need to meet someone in person, though. It's the only way I can judge whether I like them or not, and since the computer screen doesn't do it for me, I'll never actually get to the point where I actually want to meet any of the guys on there. He'd have to be something really special and there just isn't anyone on those sites that do it for me.

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Story of my life...

I wish I have more closer guy friends... I'm not even talking about wanting a boyfriend now (although I do want one).. but more guy friends.. .PLEASE!!

Right now all I have is really, one close friend and when we go out.. it's just weird.. because I don't exactly fit in with her friends.

I know some guys at uni who I like a lot but most of them have girlfriends so I don't want to call them to hang out... it would be awkward since we're not at that stage yet, we still just hang out in a group but I know that once summer holiday comes - everyone will disappear....

Actually all I want is a close group of friends who I can hang out and call whenever... but my phone never rings and no one texts me.

I'm starting to think that it's my attitude problem..

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Well, I found this guy from high school on FB and befriended him and he started messaging me! Only problem is...I still like the other guy...and this old high school friend is engaged anyway!! At least I am talking to another guy now, though. The guy that I like STILL wins as far as the one who talks to me the most, though. The only other friends that beat him as far as how much I talk to him are my other girlfriends. I have no idea what that means.

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