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what she does will have an affect on me.. really?


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I have a friend who thinks that what she does will have some kind of an affect on me, and I don't understand her psychology:


What I mean is that she'll buy a new dress for example and then say something like, "Oh, I bought this dress, but that doens't mean that just cause I bought it you can't buy one just like it"


Even on facebook, she'll start playing a game and then say, "You should play this game.... I did" (as if her playing the game will make me play it as well).



Last Saturday, she told me that she doesn't want me to think that just because she bought a house on a facebook game that I can't buy the same house. LOL So I finally broke down and told her straight out that what she does has absolutely nothing to do with my decisions. She paused after I said that, and I got vibes that she was disappointed.


So what's up with this type of behavior - and why does she think that everything she does will have some affect on me? She doesn't treat anyone else that way. You would think that she was in high school, but the truth is that she's older than me, already 40 years old!

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I dunno, maybe she was just joking around with you? Or maybe she didn't understand that's the impression you got from her. I know I once unintentionally offended a co-worker by complimenting her new hair style with something like, "Great new hair style! I love straight hair." Apparently it made her feel like she was wearing her hair straight for me, or something like that (which isn't how I meant it at all). >___>


After she pointed it out to me, though, I made a conscious effort to word my compliments differently. Maybe the same will work for your friend.

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well, the facebook thing might just be facebook. Some apps send out invitations which look personal but arent.


As for the rest, it's probably just a verbal tic she has. My super annoying sister sometimes goes into lecture mode and starts reciting long lists of things and making rhetorical questions to the air.


Why don't you play copy cat for a while and see if she picks up on it? "Hi, I just cleaned my ears with a q-tip, that doesn't meant that you can't clean your ears with a q-tip or generically branded cotton swab, if you want to..."

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