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I just need help??

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I need to vent so I did it here. I have no one to really talk to. This may be kinda long and some random things.


My fiance is starting to get on my nerves. Our rent was due May 5th. It's now the 12. I asked him to call the landlords to let them know we were going to be late and let them know when we would get the money to them. I have him do this because his name is on the lease and mine isn't. I also did this to give him a responability. But its almost been 2 weeks and he still hasn't. They have been calling and I keep telling him. He said he would call this morning when I went to work. I come home I asked if he did he said yea... well found out he didn't. They called again. I'm getting sick of him being like a little boy. I honestly am starting to think I shouldn't be with him.


No one knows that I do but don't want to marry him. Specially when he's acting like this I dont want to. We have a daughter that is 5 1/2 months old. You would think he would be caring about this.


There are times when I do love him a lot and times where I just don't know. I feel unhappy at times and don't want to come home to him. I don't want to leave though because of our daughter. I don't want to separate him from her. Last time I left he didn't go to work cuz he was upset that he almost lost me and her. I don't know what to do anymore. I want to be single again... but then again I enjoy being with him when he's being a dad/fiance. I think I'm asking for opinions on how I can fix this relationship or what. I do want it to work out... but I can't take it when he's being like this. I talk to him about it and it's like it doesn't stick. What else can I do?

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If you talked to him about all this before and he doesn't do anything about it, then he won't do anything about it. Sure, you can leave him and then he'll cry and say he'll improve but if communicating your worries to him to you hasn't worked, then it won't work. He knows what he's doing wrong. You guys can still be separated but have your daughter see her father once a week or so. Your partner should be financially responsible, ESPECIALLY if he has a child. All you're teaching your daughter is that it's ok for daddy to screw up and not step up to being an adult. Talk to him one more time and that's it. Things change when you have a child - character aspects that would have been sort of bearable are huge no's when a child comes into play.

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