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Going to the zoo with the boys, my ex, and her best friend.

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So me and my ex of 2 years are going to the zoo this Thursday with the boys and her best friend.


This is the first time in a year that we would have done anything like this. She has always said no everytime I have asked her if she wanted to do somehing for the past year.


Well were going Thursday and I just wanted some pointers on how to do things and what not. She wants her best friend to go, which really isnt all that big of a deal but that's the only way she would go, so I'm not complaining.


I'm not gonna get my hopes up or anything, but I just want to make a good impression on her and her friend. I have hung out with her just a very few times, but it's only been for about an hour and at her house. And the only way I would even go over there to hang out was to take care of the children while she went out with her friend to get something to eat or something. Then she would come back and we would hang for a little bit.


So like I said, just wanted to get some suggestions from you guys on what to do. Like take them to lunch before we go, or just eat there? I'm not sure. So let's here them.

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Ok well first off, it is important that you do realize that one of your main goals is to make a good impression on her friend. In addition, do realized that her friend, pretty much knows EVERYTHING. And the reason why she is coming...is more like a comfort blanket in case something goes wrong.

It seems she is willing to take a chance. And the zoo is a big chance. Its a public, fun, and family-oriented place which suggest that she is willing to reconnect with you. But she is not willing 100% (The proof is her bringing along her sidekick).

Anyway, just dont try too hard to impress either one. Stay calm and if you catch yourself panicing, go to the bathroom and get yourself together. You already won half the battle by getting her there, the rest is up to her. Just relax and show her why she fell in love with you in the first place.

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