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Need help communicating with this guy!


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To make a long story short, I have basically been seeing this guy for a year and its going nowhere. We didnt see each other for 2 months, but I decided to give it another go. I thought things were getting better, but I was just blindsided by his games. I didnt see him for 2 weeks, and he didnt ask to see me, and he gave some bogus excuse. I know its BS, because if a guy really likes you he will ask to see you no matter what. So, i talked to him calmly and told him that I feel that my feelings that I have for him arent mutual. That I think he is a great guy, but I want him to be with a girl that he really really likes. That I know its not me, and I have accepted that. But i want someone who is going to call me and talk to me, who is going to integrate me into their life (even if its only gradually), someone who wants to go out often not just "hang out". Now, he is going to call me in a little while and I KNOW he is going to try to BS his way out of it. What do i say?? I just dont do these casual relationships well, at all. I develop feelings, its just how I am. I tried to casually date (without sex) but its not for me either. I am just a one man woman.


Please help!! I am nervous. He has talked me out of it before, but i need to stand my ground if i am ever going to get what I want ( a relationship)

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Hmm, what might help is that write out a list of the things he does that you know is bad: plays games, doesn't call you, doesn't treat you well, etc. Write it all out, and have that list in front of you when you're talking to him so that you can see all the reasons why he won't make you happy. Hopefully this will keep him from talking you into giving him another chance.


BUT, at the same time, I think you shouldn't even bother taking his call. He doesn't have much respect for you at all - friend or not. He's playing with your feelings and that's not right at all. Why do you need to talk to him? Tie up loose ends? He already knows what you think of him, why keep tying yourself even more in these knots?

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