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Am i heading for depression?

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Could I be heading for depression or am I just super stressed?

here's my story.

I have been feeling crap within myself since march, first it started because a job I was promised at work was given to someone else, and although I would be ok with that, I was treated pretty unfairly, in the way they went about it. So I pretty much lost all my enthusiam for my job, and felt pretty crap, I was almost considering quitting, but decided to wait it out cos I would get over it.

Then my friend and I had a huge falling out and we are no longer talking.

I then found out my uncle is dying and has been given 18 months to live, and my mum in particular is helping him out (alongside caring for my nan who lives with us and has alzeimers) and that has put and huge strain on family life.

(I live with my parents.)

My work pays for me to do uni part time, which I normally enjoy, but have been struggling to focus, which has lead to me doing really crap today in my exam, and also I had a piece of work to hand in last week, which was done in the end, but at first, everyone I looked at it, or wwent to start it, I seemed to have this mini panic attack in my mind, and I couldnt do anything, it was only when I eventually talked my self round to doing little bits that I got it done.


I feel very much like I have been struggling to be happy lately.

I am afraid that if it gets worse, I am definitely going to end up depressed.


I wish I could just run away sometimes, to escape.

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If you are overstressed you will probably more vulnerabe to being less happy more often.


When we're too stressed our body is probably producing less endorphones (the happy and relaxed feel good chemicals).


Things like feeling crap and unhappy are our body's/being's way of telling us we need to make changes in our lifestyle or our thinking. Celebrate - your body is clever and efficient enough to be sending you messages! But listen to the messages and do what your body is telling you to do - (i.e. destress!)


I read an article last year that discussed evidence that stress can lead to mental illness. Okay, don't panic about this and let it make you more stressed. It might not always lead to mental illness, but it sometimes does. It is something to take into consideration. There's no doubt stress can lead to physical illness (especially chronic long-term overstress).


So you are probably stressed and experiencing a level or unhappiness/minor depression. Don't assume you can only be experiencing one thing or one feeling at a time. Stress and depression/unhappiness can also play on each other a bit.


So you are surely stressed AND somewhat unhappy or depressed. Your unhappiness might be due solely to your stress - certainly it is largely contributed to by it.


You've got to look at ways of de-stressing and maybe ways at looking to be less depressed and more happy. I have to go, but I suggest you take some steps here.

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