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Do i give this guy my number or should I wait a little while longer?


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My friend has been hanging out at this place for about 3-months. About a month ago, I started hanging out there too. So, when I went there I noticed this guy who worked there and I thought he was cute. He said Hi to my friend, who knows him already and started talking to her. I kind of tried to enter to the convo and then he comes up to me and introduces himself which I thought was very sweet. Anyways, I kept eyeing him all day, and I though I saw him look at me too. So, the next week my friend went there but I couldnt come that time. She told him that I thought he was very cute. He seemed flattered, and said he would go out with me. So, I saw him again this weekend, and I had my friend invite him out to come with us when we went out that night with a bunch of other people. He said he would as long as he didnt get off too late. So, later we were leaving and my friend gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek, and I did the same, and he had said something to the effect that he would see me later that night. Well, I guess he had to work too late because he wasnt able to make it.


My question is do I give him my number or have my friend play match maker for a little while longer? I just get too nervous because I guess I think if a guy really likes you he will ask you for your number or offer his. Am I way off base here? I see him looking at me when I was there, and I am making eye contact too. He was asking me questions like where am i from, where do i live, and he liked my accent lol.


I hate being so shy!!! uggggg

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