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how to get a guy back


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Hi Everyone,


I started meeting a guy for a week or two and got on well, we decided to be friends just texting each other and watching films and going to the cinema which was nice, and meet up out once or twice which was nice. He told me the first time that i meet him that he was with a girl for 3 years and it broke up and he hasnt been with anyone since, anyway one nite after a nite out he says out of know where, "must ready like you" i said nothing as he was drunk. Anyway, recently i found i cannot be just his friend as i have feeling for him and recently he was saying we were friends and i told him that i cannot be his friend as i like him and that he was a nice guy he didnt say anything but i brought up that i know the signs that he is still hurt over his ex and his eyes got watery so I comforted him, so i went to go and get a taxi but he wouldnt let me go on my own he said just in case something happened to me, so he got a taxi and got me to get in and when i got to my house, i went to pay and he paid for me which I didnt expected and he said nite to me.


He text me the next morning saying, "he was in funny place at the moment and that he wasnt deleting my number cause he liked me, and if i didnt was to stay in touch that he would see me out. I said "it wasnt easy for me that i couldnt be just friends and that i need to move on and for him to take care". He said "thanks who knows we might meet again if we do i might be in a better position to give u a chance to let us know each other better xx" I told him that "we should go our own way and not expected anything", i said this because being friends is too each and that if he had feelings for me then he will try his best to work things out again.


What advice could you give me about what he is saying and am i doing the right thing?

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basically he likes you but is still hurt from his ex.... he needs time to heal. I dont think i would have split ways between you to though. i would hang out as much but i would still text and be there for him. after all when he is over his ex he knows the girl to go to that has helped him through everything.

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