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Potential Employer Driving Down for Interview - To get a gift or not?

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I need some opinions. Would it be too forward or too much to give a gift to a prospective employer who is driving down to my area to interview me? I'm a soon to be college graduate and don't have a car; the company is 3 hours away by public transit so they graciously offered to stop by my college town since they have a meeting in a neighboring city.


I've never heard of an employer so kind enough to do this, so should I give them a gift of some sort? I was thinking of some nice chocolate but don't know if they would like it or not?


Just a way to show my appreciation for them coming down (whether I get the job or not) - any ideas?

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Personal opinion:

No, most companies have strong rules about gifts and hospitality and it'll look a little immature i think. Maybe offer to get them a coffee or something? Just smile and be you, they obviously want you if they're coming all this way to interview you. And remember once you've passed the CV stage they want to know about you as a person, academically (at that point) you're in.

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