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Poor academic performance

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I'll be graduating from college at the end of the summer with what seems likely to be a 3rd class honours in software engineering. It's not that I didn't work in college, I did but I'm not at all academically talented and whilst there are things I excel at, I have never been able to do well at things I'm not interested in.


As it stands, my CV is pretty solid. I've plenty of work experience, I have profession musical abilities and I even wrote a book (wasn't very long) but this third class degree stuff has be worries as, it seems, a hell of alot of employers want a 2.1 minimum to even consider an applicant.


This concerns me as, even though I don't have hopes of a 100k a year a year salary, I do want to keep a roof over my head. Employers here in Ireland seem to have an unhealthy fixation with grades even though, in my opinion, they don't show a person's value. Could my poor grades be a real problem in getting a job next year?

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I live in the United States and while GPA does matter if there are a lot of applicants for the job, what they look for here is where you graduated from. I got lucky and had a full ride for four years at a very prestigious, private college in So Cal. It has opened a lot of doors. I put down that I graduated from there, and I almost always get interviewed and often get the job. I think it depends on where you live as to what employers are looking for.

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