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Healing time. List some things you enjoy doing that make you happy

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We need a break from this bs we are going thru. I damm near live on ENA cause I really cant do much else right now. It is time to think of things to cheer us up and get the good juices flowings. Tell me what you enjoying doing. Share and maybe we can give each other some good ideas


I like drinking out of champagne glass even if it aint champagne


I like eating seafood


I like eating ice cream walking down the street acting like Im a pretty little girl again.


I like putting on a sexy shirt and watching men get caught in a trance


I like walking down the beach and watching the waves go by.

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I like having a pampering day and going out the next day feeling groomed


I like getting dressed up and walking down the street and seeing the guys looking at me


I like going window shopping and trying on the clothes just for fun


I love buying small things for myself after years of spending all of my time and money on everyone but me


I like going for a coffee with a magazine and getting some peace and quiet


I like thinking of silly things to do for the people that I love and seeing their expression when I do it


I like thinking about next year when I will hopefully have a job with more hours and will be studying in college; no more boredom!

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