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My personal no contact challenge 100 days!

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So after being bullied and sexually harassed by my ex, I decided I will do the following things:

1. cut off contact from ex completely, never speak to him directly

2. show up everywhere and stop hiding so that he does not have any chance of manipulation

3. if he dares to harass me again, make an official complaint and gather witnesses.

4. keep calm and composed in front of people.

5. when he starts speaking to me, not to respond.

6. never treat him like a human, he is not a human being, he is a manipulative person, who is doing brain * * * * ing experiments with me, never expect that he will be humane or nice towards me. He does not care about me and never did.

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Don't make yourself look bad by going out of your way to not "treat him like a human". You win in the long run by just being the bigger person and not having a reaction to anything he does.. Live your life and don't worry about what his reaction will be, don't sit back and play in your head how he might act if you run into him. Just live life and do the NC! Easier said than done obviously; but do your best!

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