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Don't know how to approach her


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There is a girl that I see twice a week at school. She is very beautiful.. it's intimidating to me to approach her


We have exchanged glances/smiles quite a handful of times. She seems a little shy but so am I I did notice that she will look me in the eyes, smile and then look down at the ground.. she has done it many times.


I thought I should try to approach her next time I bump into her while she walks to her car.. but then I definitely wouldn't want to come off as hitting on her or creepy.


So what's a good way to strike up a convo with her? There is only 2 weeks left and I don't want to let the opportunity slip!

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Wow let me just say, I'm sort of in the same situation except I'm the girl.

Guy I like... he seems too intimidating to speak to me but he will walk by me constantly, do things so I'd notice he's there, stuff like that.

I've had a couple of conversations with him and let me tell you, I felt like my brain was melting. Talkig comes easy but not around him. I can barely mumble a "heyyyyyy how are you" the first time I spoke to him, all I could think of was "YOURE ATTRACTIVE" LOLLL

I FELT so stupid afterwards because he probably thought I was a freak? But I felt good that I at least did something. Um so ya after that he started somewhat smiling, blushing around me a lot but would never come talk to me *Grrr*

And then he started avoiding me and made it obvious... Then we just ended up at the same place like all the time... I haven't seen him in a month, but a friend seen him and said how nice he was and how friendly and polite hee is.

Did it piss me off? HELL YA LOL! Why is it possible for him to act normal around strangers and my friend but he acts the total opposite of me?

Like I seen him today...

Wow know what he did? He knew I was there, he heard my voice and he avoided me.


So honestly PLEASE TALK TO HER or she will be crushed like I am..

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Once you notice the signs, you've gotta capitalize, otherwise...as Glucoze said, you'll leave her crushed and probably confused, irretated and she'll think your gay..LOL..that last part was a joke....just let it come naturally, you can't rehearse start up conversations, just go with the flow, improvise, let your observations help with the topic of conversation. Good luck

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O yea.. I'm totally motivated to talk to her I'm just not sure what to say. And like you said, simply, she will probably be crushed if I don't talk to her.


But what you guys think of the cold approach? I was told that striking up conversations with really beautiful women in a cold approach is not effective, unless you have a point.. something that makes it seem I'm not just trying to hit on her. So what could I do? How can I approach her casually without coming off the wrong way?


Like I said I was going to just approach her while she was on her way to the car and say hey and try to chit chat, but then someone that's pretty good with women told me that it wouldn't be a good idea with a cold approach

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Like I said, let your observations give you the topic of conversation.

Since she's in school with you, she probably carries books around, ask her what courses she takes, what books she's reading, ask her about an assignment or course your "interested" in switching over to, anything really, it's just a matter of breaking the ice to get a feel for her personality, just don't let the conversation flatten out, if it does, then it's time to bail, come up with a reason for why you've gotta get going. And take it from there. Those are chip away convo's, where you slowly get to know her, and then there's conversations where you just hit it off, ask a lot of questions until you find something that your both really into. The hardest part is breaking the ice, once you've done that, you can easily take from there.

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I thought I should try to approach her next time I bump into her while she walks to her car.. but then I definitely wouldn't want to come off as hitting on her or creepy.


Small talk. Don't worry about how you say it, just get her talking. Tell her you like her car, or something about it - maybe the color is a good color for that sort of car, whatever. Then maybe say something like "How about you drive it to (local coffee shop or something) and meet me there? It'd be nice to chat with you."

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