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weird how even after your apart your still connected..

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So this is weird.


I've been basically NC since we broke up. I screwed up a few times etc. Like 3 weeks after we broke up, and I found out about her moving in with another guy etc, we had a fight on the phone. I emailed her later that night, a photo of her and I together.. I think my favourite photo. Her and I in a hotel room.. with a huge bunch of red roses she bought me, me smiling, and her kissing me. In the email, I wrote her I wish we could go back to this. Anyways no response from her.


I've been seeing a few girls. This saturday, I was out with one basically all day.. a 15 hour first real date. When we were having lunch, out of the blue, I get an email from the X.


Asking.. am I ok.. she had a dream in it and I got hurt... was I ok.. and that she was looking at some of our old photos and felt down.


I wrote her back late Sat night, yah I was ok I'm fine no accidents... and that i went and saw this cool show today she should go see it she'd like it. No reply of course.


Whats super funny.. going into my gmail this morning, I see she sent me a chat message.. in repsonse to that email months ago now sat morning, of her and i.. where she said 'I want too but to late my heart already broken'... this was 2-3 minutes before her email.


Weird huh. The girl I was with on saturday.. was probably the best one I've found so far. My x hasn't hardly said anything to me at all since we went our separate ways.. somethings obviously going on, where she is still connected to me.. weird she felt I got hurt, when I went out on a date with another girl I sort of seeing myself liking.


Weird connection or coincidence! Haha funny her having cheaters remorse!




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In all honesty, cheaters still have feelings for the partner they cheat on, they just aren’t able to control their actions or desire to be faithful to their partner (obviously lacking something, or not ready for the position they are in).


But instead of going on about cheaters and their behavior, it’s important to know that even though they CHEATED, they still were in a relationship with you and harvested some feelings of you in their heart. Dreaming of an ex is actually a very common occurrence; dreams are meant to be a look into our sub conscience (telling us something that our mind doesn’t fully comprehend while awake). According to a few books I’ve read in the past about Dreams, usually they work with symbols-she may have interpreted it as an accident because a part of her mind realizes she “hurt” you. And even after break-ups, people dream of a past relationship because their own mind and psyche is trying to heal that pain that occurred. –Guilt, sadness, hurt, pain, etc. Those feelings show up in our dreams sometimes.


Either way, it is a coincidence that she had this dream about you while you had a successful date with another. And I’m glad you found someone that may be a “better” or even “perfect” match for you. Don’t think too much into the past, let her continue to go her separate way and good job on moving on with your life.

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