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Apologizing to ex

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So my Ex and I got into a huge fight last week over the internet. We have been broken up for 5 months or so and have been decently good friends. Problem is I was really drunk and started saying the dumbest things to her online. I called her some things I shouldn't have, said I was hurt when she broke up with me. Basically really dumb things to say which really messed up everything. It has been about a week because she went on vacation but I want to apologize to her in person.


I am just not sure how I should do this. Should I text her asking if she is home so I can come by and talk to her? Should I just show up to her house? I was going to buy some of her favorite flowers as well.

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She's not your friend, she's your ex.


Why do you need to tell her you're sorry and try and fix things if you want to be with her?


Do you want to be her friend or her partner. If you want to be her partner and she just wants friendship, you need to stop contacting her until you can handle it...5 months after, I doubt you are.

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