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Friend referrals?


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Hey again,


Just wondering if anyone here had experience with meeting girls through mutual friends or through "friend referrals"?


I don't know how to really ask or approach this thought. I'm at a point where it seems that I have to do this.... otherwise continue to be single and alone, which is something that I am certainly not happy about. The months pass and at the rate things are going, I will be the last remaining person in my groups of friends that has been single forever.


Really, what do I have to lose? I am going to have to be more aggressive and force the issue. As well, I plan on trying to hang out with girls one-on-one a little bit more often. Hopefully first impressions can change if I'm lucky.


Sorry for another negative post. It really feels that I am at another dead-end. By the way, I tried everything else to meet girls, even online dating/craigslist and that yielded nothing at all.

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Yes it was good and bad, my friend really set me up with a very good looking girl and we hit it off at the beginning. Believe it or not she was a lingerie model from Mexico, I thought I had hit a jack pot. My friend knew what I was looking for, well OK as far as looks were concerned. The date ended kind of weird when I was touching her hands and noticed she still had stitches in both her wrist from where she was trying to commit suicide a week earlier. I didn't know what to do, this was the first time something like this had happened to me, So I alienated her the rest of the night. I screwed up or maybe I didn't but the MORALE of the story is I did it and felt good about it the next day even though it didn't come out the way I wanted it to (I didnt feel good about alienating her). Do it man, jump feet first in because you never know. Just recommendation from what has worked for me, hang out with friends, who have friends or hang out with friends and go to a bar and, find a group of women and do the 6 second rule, it comes off as being cocky but get ready to say something funny. Last time I did this, I knew most girls always texting in a club or bar, so I went up to this girl and said "Wow, I thought they retired those phones 10 years ago, that looks like a nintendo gameboy" Just my thoughts.

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Yeah to be honest you kind of are over thinking this but I don't blame you as I do the same.



You'll probably meet people naturally through friends. I have, (female and male) but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll meet your future girlfriend that way. Again there is a possibility but I wouldn't worry till you meet a girl through your friends that you are actually interested in. If anything you'll just be expanding your social circle (making new friends) which doesn't hurt as you might meet even more people through them as well.

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