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Can someone guide me to the right place?

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I am looking into buying some property that is pre-foreclosure is there any good guide to learning this stuff?


If there is anyone here in this field or who knows a lot about the subject then please share your knowledge.


I just got a really good job and I want to take advantage of the 8,000 dollar credit for new homebuyers and the excellent pay I will receive.

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I think the deadlind to buy is April 30, 2010, if you want the tax credit.


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Before I purchased my current home we were looking at a "short sale" (pre-forclosure)


There were 2 loans on the house and the 2 banks ended up fighing over our offer (who would get which amount) They took took long so we eventually pulled the offer and went for another house all together.


When there is more than one bank invloved in a pre-forclosure it really drags out the process, so if you have any kind of time contraint keep that in mind.


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