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become too emotional lately


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so this past month or so i've been more emotional than usual. motifs of love and companionship in films have been getting me teary eyed. also, i find myself * * * * * ing and complaining about things, at times i literally catch myself and stop.


i'm 27 and this is not normal behavior for me. i don't usually cry or complain in this manner.


basically, I feel too feminine lately, for my own personal taste that is. what can this be attributed too?



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well 50% is male and 50% is female of the genes that you get, and that stuff gets mixed together so there's a natural shift between feeling male or female in everybody. Its best to just let everything flow and experience all these feelings , it doesn't do anything off of your identity of who you are, rather it enforces your growth as a person , so don't worry too much about it.

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