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looking for advice plz, what should i do??


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So a guy that I like whom I've worked with for 3 years is leaving for another job with more hours/ and more money. He is leaving sooner than I thought.So like in 3 days,and on the last day ,i don't know if I should go in or not. I am so sad over this.. and I'll probably end up crying or shedding some tears most likely in front of him, i can guarantee it! which will be embarrassing! I already chocked up when he told me he gave his 2 weeks notice . anyways do you think its rude if I don't go in the last day to say goodbye? its just gonna hurt so much. I don't really hangout with him after work hours/ were more like work friends. so what should I do? I had this whole idea, that I was gonna give him a cookie cake, with writing on it and stuff... but I don't think I can go through with this. is this normal to feel sad and such, or am I acting abnormal. heh.. i asked a close friend of mine if i should go in the last day, and she said no, because its gonna be so hard on me, and if she was in a situation like mine, she would not go in either. so idk.. looking for more advice! thanks!! appreciate it!

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But it's about HIM isn't it. You can't avoid sad events all your life, this is a chacne to practice knowing you can cope.


It's okay to be emotional. It's not something to be ashamed of.


If there are issues around you not telling him how you feel, and you want to, I'd write that in a little card with my contact details (if he's single that is) andgive it to him right as you leave.


He might feel so hurt if you aren't there... And anyway you probably know you really should be, cos you are asking here. Closure is easier if you go through the tough bits, Sweetheart... hugs.

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