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Not sure if my boyfriend cheated on me...need help!


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I have had trouble trusting my boyfriend, and recently made the mistake of going through his email. I found out that he had coffee with a guy we had met at a party. I didnt think it was a big deal, it is an older guy, I do not feel threatened sexually by, but he didnt tell me about it, and he usually gives me a pretty detailed account of his day. Then he said they just emailed. Later he said that he just felt a little guilty maybe because the guy was clearly interested in him, and he liked that a little bit. Then the email the next day from the guy said, "Look forward to a REPEAT PERFORMANCE" which to me sounded like more than just coffee. I'm nervous to tell him that I read his email, but that phrase will not get out of my head. Am I just reading too much into this?


Also, could that repeat performance really just mean more coffee, or do you think they did something else?

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