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anyone can talk?


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Put a rubber band around your phone. Every time you feel like texting your ex, you'll see the rubber band and remember why you shouldn't. Then go do something else. Set up a list of things you need to accomplish but never got around to. Every time you feel like texting your ex, look at the rubber band and go tackle something on the list. It will give you good feelings of accomplishment instead of bad feelings.

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Don't do it. Step off of the crazy train and don't turn back. Just because you're hurting..doesn't mean you shouldn't invite him to misery town with you....that's not fair.


Jerk off or not...heal yourself. Delete his number and just stop the madness! Trust me..it only makes you look insane. I've been there!

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I can understand you may have some resentments toward him, but you're only amusing him every time you "tell him how you feel". He obviously was an ***hole so he obviously doesn't care, in fact you're only showing him you still do. Next time you feel like doing it just remember - you'll be the better person by not dwelling on it.


Let it go honey He's NOT worth your time.

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i am on the crazy train. i cant get off. i want to be his friend because he understands me. its like if i were going through anything else, he would be the one i would talk to.



My Gosh do I understand that. However, you're broken up. Chances are he's playing the jerk to get you to leave him alone. Maybe he needs to heal. Bff or not...it's over. It's time to move on and find a new best friend. Someone who WANTS to talk to you and be there for you. THe longer you dwell, the worse off you'll be. You're only hurting you.


Trust me, I speak from complete experience.

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Find someone else to connect to - it's not difficult to weed out those negative influences in your life and replace them with positive, caring people. It just takes time and the courage to let go. He is NOT the only one, he isn't your bestfriend bc bestfriends do not intentionally hurt eachother.


You'll be much happier without someone to hold you back in this state of mind.



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