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Hi everyone, I thought I would come and post here as I've come accross a situation which I've never been in before. Maybe someone could help me out with this.


I used to be very close with a girl about two years ago, purely as friends, but she got a boyfriend and I suffered some personal losses and we would only sms one another every few months, as opposed to speaking daily like we did before. In those two years she has stayed with the same boyfriend and I have had a few relationships of my own but nothing serious.


The other day we met each other at a reunion and she was giving off all the signals of attraction, e.g., tapping my arm while speaking to me, always standing near me, looking in to my eyes, laughing at everything I said etc. Everybody mentioned to me how much she was in to me, in fact.


However, since that meeting up she will now ignore me online and in sms. We've moved apart so I can't go and ask her what's up. Like I say, she's in the same relationship but they have been having trouble according to her friends. Obviously I don't want to break them up, but I have always adored her and would love to give a relationship a chance. Any ideas why should we ignore me online but flirt face to face, and how I should proceed?


Much appreciated,


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