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Confused and worried

lost inlove67

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Hi I need advice, I have been with this wonderful amazing man for over a year and a half, he was divorced for about 3 years now and he has two daughters, since his divorce his wife has kept him from seeing then, recently she started letting him see them but only with her, she says she loves him now but he knows shes only wanting him for his money, he works 3 days one week and four the next and on his off days he spends time with them. He tells me he can't love her like before cause of the trust and the pain. When he is with them he doesn't want me to call or text him for fear of her getting mad and keeping the kids away again he recently told her about me and she gave him an ultimatum its either her or me and if its me he won't see the kids. So what should I do I relly love him and I know he loves me.Thanks for reading and any help you can give.

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