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moving in together = dwindling sex life?


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My boyfriend and I have been together for 5mths. We moved in together a couple of weeks ago.


Up until about 5 days ago we had a very healthy sex life. We did it most nights and it was great!! ( I usually stayed at his place most nights).


The last few days, he has had little interest in having sex at all. He is still cuddly and affectionate but won’t be intimate with me.


Should I be worried? I know it’s not even been a week but after having such regular sex, it feels odd that we’re suddenly not doing it.


Is this what happens when you move in with your boyfriend!?



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That could possibly be it.


I'm a sex fiend, but there has been times I didn't want to have sex with my bf. It wasn't anything personal, just wasn't in the mood. We all have those times. I wouldn't worry so much about it.


Just wait it out, and see what happens. He's probably too consumed with his mom's bf.

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