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Why didn't i just grow a pair...

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.. and tell her I don't want to be friends, nor see her again sometime, or give things time to work it out. I wish I had the balls to just tell her to get out of my life while im hurting inside.


My ex ended a 1.5 year relationship last November which i later found out she had left for another guy.


I think i'm too nice, too weak. I was so nice to her when she broke up with me, let her give me a "goodbye kiss" as she softly dumped me, chatted like friends afterwards, was there when she occasionally text me to say hi. Now i just want to go back and tell her to get lost and never speak to me again, and tell her she is not part of my life. I wish I had gone full NC to this day. I was hard in my situation cos we see each other at a dance class we both go to. I wish i was stronger. I absolutely hate seeing her happy and back into a new relationship when i'm left in a mess lonely with no one... why does this happen to the good people who get cheated on? why do things never even out? wheres the karma?


Sorry, just had to let this out. Does anyone experience these feelings of regretting not being stronger and looking after oneself? or is it just me... How do you cope with it?

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wheres the karma?



Ahh there's karma, believe me. You just won’t see it. But cheaters are immature and don't really know what love is. So they continue patterns of broken relationships and end up miserable and alone later in life.


Nearly 40 years on this planet, observing relationships and people have brought me to this conclusion.


Take your power back. Cut her off. Go NC. Find a different dance class.

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You are too nice and too weak. The good thing about it, is that you have the power to change that, right now. Next time she contacts you, just tell her to leave you alone for a while. You don't have to be nasty about it(though I probably would be a bit cold), but you should tell her that you don't want to be in contact with her.


Your other option is to just ignore her indefinitely, which will also have the same effect, and leave her wondering.

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you know something... I WISH i won the lottery...now thats something that is pretty unrealistic (altough there is always a chance)

YOU WISH you could cut your ties with her...is it that unrealistic that you have to wish for it on a star or something? its much more easier to do than you think... just slowly stop your connection with her, slowly stop responding to her texts, calls, msgs and etc...

and then eventually IF she will ask you what is wrong , just tell her that you need some time away from her and you will appreciate it if she will not contact you anymore.

Now...i wish it was that easy for winning the lottery...i would call my ex girlfriend, despite of us being on a strict NC and tell her not to contact me anymore...she will be in a shock and ask * * * is going on...but i dont really care....as long as i gonna get my wish of winning the lottery

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