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Tell girl I like that her FWB is stalking her?


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I have enough evidence that a guy, a "friend-with-benefits" of a girl I like and whom I met through him (but I am much closer to her than to him, we're like brother and sister, platonic love and such...), has used or attempted to use methods to access her private information (trojan horses, remote control) and also have the feeling that he could be even following her online conversations - including those with me.


According to my information (and I also asked some tech experts for second opinions), he must have been doing this since months, perhaps even more than a year before I met the two of them - and he might have been using that information to understand her and so on...


I don't know whether I should reveal it to her (whom I consider one of my best friends but I also love her "more than that" and think she doesn't want a relationship YET), especially because she could think that I'm only telling it to my own advantage.

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