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Nosy Co-Worker

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This is actually about my mom and not me but anyway, my mom works in an office with a very nosy lady. There’s this one lady in the office, let’s call her Mandy, and she’s always snooping around my mom’s desk for some reason. The girls at the front have told my mom that on numerous occasions while she’s been gone Mandy has sat at her desk and used her phone even though she has her own desk and her own phone. My mom also suspects that she was on her computer as well.


My mom’s office is in the back of the building and Mandy will pretend to go back there to look at things but what she’s really doing is looking at my mom’s computer to see what she’s doing on there. So my mom has password protected her computer and now all of a sudden Mandy password protected hers as well.


My mom hasn’t been working there long and Mandy is good friends with the boss so she’s not really sure what to do, she’s like the little spy for the office and she reports everything back to the boss, even though no one is doing anything wrong.


So I don’t know what would your advice be? I’ve told my mom to confront her but she’s not ready to do that at this point.

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