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How to deal with whole life changing?

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I have been having mood swings and feeling uncertain about stuff I was 100% sure about lately ( like my bf, moving out, ...).


I will be graduating from a 4 year university degree in approx. a month, and don't have a job lined up yet. I will probably have to move away from home to get one, and am debating moving with my LDR bf in his city, as I would have a better chance getting one there. I'm also feeling anxious and worried over the fact that everyone has told me I will loose contact with quite a few of my current friends. On top of that, I have never lived in a different city and have anxiety just at the thought of moving to a new city where I don't have a group of friends or my family. My whole life is going to change, which really scares me.


Obviously, I realise that this is a great opportunity for me, to move and experience life in a different city, on my own. However, I am wondering if it's normal for me to feel so confused and worried. And more importantly, is there any way I can deal with this better? Anyone having gone through this before and have advice?

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