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my husband is being a ****

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I am 13 weeks pregant had to take a trip for 5 days to have oral surgery. It's been really hard and painful and I am sad and miss him so much. I love my husband and am lost without him. What is upsetting me is The entire time I've been here he rarely answers my call. In fact often I have called him several times and he hasn't returned my call till i text him something like *why aren't you answering my call?* Then he acts irritated to be talking to me. He has no reason to be acting like this. I've done nothing to make him not want to talk to me. And he usually answers my call every time I call him and actually initiates our phone calls but he hasn't called me without me calling him repeatedly one time this trip. Of course my mind immediately goes to "he might be with some girl or is trolling the net and wacking it to porn. I am so irritated by him right now. I don't want to be possesive or suffocate him but his behavior is extremely suspicious to me.


If he thinks he can act like this and then have me be the sweet little homemaker, he has a whole nother thing coming. He wants to be a &%@# and indulge his lust? Then fine he can do that but don't expect me to give it up to you when you finally decide you want to lower yourself to sleep with me. And don't expect me to be your little homemaker who waits on your beck and call. Sorry guys just needed to vent.


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